Thoughts from my study of Horror, Media, and Narrrative


After graduating from USC with B.A. in Biological Sciences, Chris began working for his alma mater’s Office of Undergraduate Admission, responsible for coordinating the University’s merit-based scholarship process and 8-year combined B.A./M.D. program. Working closely with high school populations, Chris became interested in issues that ranged from self-harm to educational access and equity, which has helped to inform his current research interests in digital media literacy, learning, and youth cultures.

Chris draws upon his natural sciences training in order to better understand the role of transformative bodies in Gothic Horror, his primary area of research. Particularly interested in the confluence of horror, identity, narrative, gender, media, and youth, Chris currently explores how the eroticization of trauma and wounded bodies acts to articulate cultural anxieties. When not pursuing his studies, Chris enjoys working with 826LA and writing his upcoming chapter on mediated celebrity in The Hunger Games and Philosophy while drinking over-priced coffee.

Read more about Chris’ work at or follow him on Twitter at @TrojanTopher.

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