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Half-Baked, Crumble

Fight or Flight. When we’re up against a wall, what do we do? Freedom of religion and freedom of assembly are valid points, but they’re not the points that are most relevant at the moment.

When we’re up against Nature, what do we do? We have been on a quest to wrest the secrets from Nature since before we were born. Not just to dominate the environment, as was the penchant of the Modern Age, but to master its inner workings.

When we’re up against our natures, what do we do?

To see the thing we love crumble before our eyes is heartbreaking. Keeping with the theme of inversion, we see the most perfect couple on the show self-implode as fantasy melds with reality. Although Tara (another girl who’s not afraid to get dirty) gives her a run for her money, Jess is the best at going off of the deep end and being the dirtiest girl that you’ve ever seen or known. (A strict religious upbringing probably doesn’t leave much room for moderation.) What do we do in the name of love? We fight for others, so why don’t we fight for ourselves?